Our Mission

To provide a holistic, comprehensive and proficient one-stop infertility treatment service for infertile couples in a homely and amicable environment.

To offer these couples professional advice, support and resources on fertility management.


One-Stop Service

The Centre provides married couples who have difficulty having children a comprehensive evaluation so as to determine the cause(s) of their problem. A detailed management strategy will be drawn up. The full spectrum of treatment options can be offered. Counseling and psychological support will be provided before, during and after treatment where necessary.

Assisted Reproductive Technology treatments begin with pre-treatment blood tests and a transvaginal ultrasound assessment. This is followed by daily injections of hormones to stimulate multiple eggs (follicles) developments in the ovaries. The ovarian response is monitored by serial blood tests and ultrasound examinations. When these follicles reach mature size, ovulation is triggered and either prepared sperms are introduced into the womb or eggs are collected and fertilized in vitro as the case may be. Embryos resulting from the latter situation are cultured in the laboratory. Good quality embryos are selected and transferred back into the womb usually on the second or third day after collection. Remaining embryos will be frozen (i.e. cryopreserved) for future use. The entire procedure is carried out in one dedicated centre that simplifies and expedites the treatment. In addition, all steps and procedures involved in the treatment, including sperm preparation, are handled by the same team of professionals, allowing better communication and continuity of treatment throughout.

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